Financial Tune-Up During a Challenging Time Webinar

COVID-19, Education

May 20, 2020 | By: Jacob Wilder, CAE

Sponsored by AT&T. This personal finance webinar explores the topics listed and time stamped below.

1:08 Webinar Disclaimer
2:00 Welcome, Introduction, and Overview
3:34 Market Update
7:50 CARES Act Stimulus Effect on Individuals
10:43 CARES Act Effect on Student Loans
12:44 CARES Act Effect on Mortgages
15:46 CARES Act Effect on Taxes
20:33 Budgeting
26:22 Financially Planning for the Future
30:11 Investing Basics
37:30 Saving for College
40:24 Account Types and Taxes
43:36 Insurance
45:17 Estate Planning
47:20 Summary
48:30 Questions and Answers
55:55 Additional Free Resources