Dealing with Stress and Significant Work Hours in a Crisis – Cynthia Mills

COVID-19, Wellbeing

April 15, 2020 | By: Cynthia Mills

Sponsored by Gray Contracting. In this video, Cynthia Mills of The Leaders’ Haven discusses the duality of stress on the human body. In some instances, a healthy level of stress can actually help a person to achieve a higher level of performance. In other situations, stress can put severe physical and mental strain on an individual, inhibiting their ability to make critical decisions and sustain a high level of performance. Cynthia shares that the number one solution for combatting stress is getting enough sleep. In addition to good sleep, nutrition and exercise, Cynthia offers some additional practices that those faced with significant work hours in response to a crisis can utilize to reduce their overall stress levels and achieve better performance. Leaders must take care of themselves before they can take care and lead their teams.

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